Interesting facts about the Hawaiian Islands

What is the Hawaiian Islands? This is the cleanest beaches, the transparent ocean, warm weather all year round … And, of course, besides this there is also a lot of interesting things, which are only volcanoes.

The Hawaiian Islands, or Hawaii, are one of the American states.

Hawaii is the most remote place on Earth, the distance from Hawaii to the US coast is 3,700 kilometers.

Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea – the highest mountain on the planet, if you count from the foot, and not from the sea level. Most of Mauna Kea is hidden under the water column. The total height of the volcano is 10203 meters, the height above sea level is 4205 meters. This is the highest point of the Hawaiian Islands.

In addition to English, indigenous Hawaiians have their own language – Hawaiian.

According to some tourists, Hawaiians are quite negative about visitors.

In Hawaii, there is the most humid place on earth, once there were almost 17,000 mm of precipitation per year. This is the area of ​​the volcano Vaialeale.

On the tops of the Hawaiian mountains there is snow.

All Hawaiian islands are located in the zone of volcanic activity.

The Kilauea volcano began to erupt in 1983, and the eruption is still in full swing.

Annually, Hawaii is visited by six million tourists.

The famous Hawaiian beach of Waikiki was created artificially, sand for it was imported from California.

The highest coastal cliffs in the world border the island of Molokai.

The average life expectancy in the Hawaiian Islands is higher than in all other American states.

The land area of ​​Hawaii is slowly but steadily growing due to constant eruptions of volcanoes.

In Hawaii, there are no snakes.

The original name of the Hawaiian Islands is the Sandwich Islands.

Hawaii – the longest archipelago on Earth, it extends for almost two and a half thousand kilometers.

The official nickname of the state of Hawaii is “Aloha State”, that is, “hospitable staff”, or “hospitality state”.

Hawaii is the most densely populated state of the United States.

It is also the only American state where there are coffee plantations.

The climate in Hawaii is very mild, the average annual temperature fluctuates around 25 degrees Celsius.

Annually in the Hawaiian Islands more than 330 thousand tons of pineapples are grown.

In Hawaii, there is no transition to winter and summer time.

Of all the American states in Hawaii, the least number of people suffering from excess weight.

One of the attractions of the Hawaiian island of Oahu is the world’s largest windmill, its blades are 122 meters in length.

The most ancient island of the Hawaiian archipelago is Kauai, it is more than six million years old.

The oldest school in Hawaii was opened in 1831 and it still functions.

The ancient lake Waiau, located at an altitude of almost four kilometers above sea level – the third largest lake in the United States.

On the island of Molokai there is not a single traffic light and not a single shopping center.

The island of Niichau is privately owned.