Interesting facts about the maple

Maple is an extremely widespread tree. It prefers a temperate climate, and therefore often occurs in the vast Russian expanses. Under the thick crown of maple trees it is good to hide from the rain – wide leaves reliably hold water, they are able to withstand even heavy rain. However, for the industry maple is no less important.

In 2005, the first wooden coin was made in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is an official payment instrument. The nominal value of the coin is 5 francs. The coin depicts a gorilla, and the inscription in French “protect the animal world.” The coin is made of maple.

The Iroquois had a holiday called Thanksgiving to the maple. In the Indians, he was called Otadenone-ne-o-ne-vatay.

The filtration of Jack Daniel’s whiskey occurs through the charcoal of American maple. This process is also called the “Lincoln process”.

In a number of regions of Japan, maple leaves, deep-fried, became a popular snack. The leaves are harvested, then kept for about a year in barrels of salt, and only then covered with a special sweet dough and fried in oil.

The maple leaf on the flag of Canada means the unity of the nation. It is believed that originally the maple leaf symbolized all the children of emigrants.

Maple syrup is an extremely popular treat not only in Canada, but also in Russia. Especially it is good as an additive to ordinary pancakes. However, many add it to tea.