Interesting facts about the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a small state, lost in the boundless ocean. Few people in our country were interested in it closely, and completely in vain – this is an area of ​​insane beauty.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is in fact under the control and jurisdiction of the United States.

The archipelago, on which the republic is stretched, includes 5 islands and 29 atolls.

The Marshall Islands were discovered in 1526.

The land area of ​​this state is about 181 square kilometers.

Nuclear tests were conducted on two atolls.

There are no reserves in the Marshall Islands.

Roads with a hard surface are only on the two largest atolls of the archipelago.

The maximum height of the Marshall Islands above sea level is ten meters.

The country gained independence only in 1983.

It is here, on the Kwajalein Atoll, that the world’s largest lagoon is located.

In the northern part of the archipelago, there is such an arid climate that precipitation is about the same as in the American deserts.

In the Marshall Islands, two official languages ​​are Marshall and English.

The currency of the Republic is the US dollar.

98% of the population of the islands are Marshalls.

The Marshall Islands maintains diplomatic relations with many countries. With Russia, too.

The Marshall Islands is also a member of the United Nations.

A significant portion of the state budget is subsidies from the United States and other countries.

In the Marshall Islands more than two thousand kilometers of highways.

The Internet and mobile phones are on the two largest atolls, but they are very poorly distributed.

Two newspapers are published in the Marshall Islands, one private and one state.

The islands of the country are considerably distant from each other.

A little more than fifty thousand people live in the Marshall Islands.

The most popular sport in the country is basketball.

In 2008, athletes from the Marshall Islands for the first time took part in the Olympic Games, but did not win prizes.

There are two hospitals in the country.