Interesting facts about the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is often called the cradle of modern civilization. On its shores, countless empires were created and collapsed, and no other sea probably saw as many sea battles as the Mediterranean. Now it is an extremely popular tourist area – no matter which country you speak, you can everywhere enjoy its warm waters.

The Mediterranean Sea is washed by more countries than any other – as many as twenty-two.

Scientists believe that the Mediterranean Sea was formed after a part of the mainland in the Strait of Gibraltar sank down as a result of the earthquake, and oceanic waters poured into the formed break in the rocks. This cataclysm occurred about 5 million years ago.

The ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Sea simply “Our Sea”.

The maximum depth of the Mediterranean Sea is impressive – more than 5100 meters.

The height of waves in the Mediterranean Sea can exceed 7-8 meters.

In some parts of the Mediterranean, for example, in the Straits of Messina, mirages are not uncommon.

The area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea is larger than the area of ​​such countries as the United Kingdom or Algeria.

The Turks call it the “White Sea” (see interesting facts about the White Sea).

At the bottom of the Mediterranean there are many thousands of remains of ships. The exact number of them still can not be calculated – too many of them have simply not been found.

The Mediterranean Sea is rich in underwater flora and fauna. Fish alone number about 550 different species.

About 2% of all living creatures living in the Mediterranean Sea got into it from the Red Sea after the Suez Canal.