Interesting facts about the mountains

Mountains … Perhaps, they are one of the most majestic wonders of nature on our planet. Standing next to the mountain range towering for miles upward, most people feel like ants in comparison with them, and it’s not for nothing that a man is inconceivably small compared to a mountain. Brave climbers, however, conquer even the most impregnable peaks with the help of their courage, endurance and ingenuity.

A mountain can be considered a geological formation of not less than 500 meters in height (from the foot to the summit). Anything below 500 meters is hills, not mountains.

The tops of the seamounts sometimes represent islands. Often even populated. And sometimes it’s not just mountains, but extinct volcanoes.

The highest mountains are not located on the ground. Thus, the Mount Olympus located on Mars has a height of 21.2 kilometers from the foot to the summit, and a total height of 26 kilometers relative to the Martian “sea level” (see interesting facts about Mars). However, the highest (from the base to the top) mountain in the solar system is Reyasilviya, located on the asteroid Vesta. Its height is 22 kilometers.

The highest peak on Earth is Jomolungma, 8848 meters high. Moreover, the mountain with the highest altitude from the bottom to the top is the underwater volcano Mauna Kea, USA, Hawaii. The height of Mauna Kea is 10203 meters, but above the sea level this volcano rises only 4205 meters.

On the Earth there are more than a hundred mountains with a height of more than 7200 meters, counting from the sea level.

If we put one hundred of the highest mountains of our planet on each other, we will have a peak of 754.5 kilometers.

Mount Ganghar Puensum, located in Bhutan, has not been conquered by any mountaineer yet.

The mountain, climbed most often by climbers – the top of the Monadnock in the US, the height of 965 meters. It is very popular with novice mountain conquerors.

The volume of the largest volcanic mountain on earth, Mauna Loa, is more than 75 thousand square meters. kilometers.

High in the mountains sometimes snow falls pink.

The most dangerous mountain in the world is the eight-thousand-pinnacle summit Annapurna, located in the Himalayas. According to statistics, every fourth climber who tried to conquer her was killed.