Interesting facts about the planet Saturn

Saturn is a planet known mainly because of its surrounding belts. The unusual appearance of this heavenly body from time immemorial has attracted the increased attention of astronomers.

On Saturn, there is a pronounced change of the seasons. One season lasts more than seven Earth years.

Saturn is a planet with the smallest density among the planets of the solar system, half the density of water.

There are 53 satellites around him, and, probably, they are actually more, just not all are still found.

The famous rings of Saturn were discovered by astronomers in 1610.

Saturn is not quite a spherical shape. The speed of its rotation is so great that it flattenes itself.

The spacecraft created by man visited the vicinity of Saturn only four times.

Saturn – the most distant planet, which can be seen from the Earth with the naked eye.

Until now, there is no unified theory of the formation of Saturn’s rings.

Saturn has a powerful magnetic field, stretching about a million kilometers.

Saturn does not have a solid surface.

The speed of wind on this planet can reach 1800 kilometers per hour.

On Saturn there is a northern light.

On one of the satellites of Saturn, Enceladus, theoretically allowed the existence of aquatic life forms under the ice thickness.

On Saturn, clouds of strange hexagonal form were repeatedly observed.

The most massive of the rings of Saturn – less than a kilometer in thickness.

Saturn – the second largest planet in the solar system.

This planet consists mainly of helium and hydrogen.

The speed of Saturn’s rotation around its axis is faster than that of any other planet in the solar system.

The second largest satellite in our system, Titan, revolves around Saturn.

Saturn was first photographed by the Pioneer 11 in 1979.

Saturn received its name in honor of the ancient Roman god, the patron of agriculture.

The Saturnian year lasts about 30 Earth years.