Interesting facts about the Red Sea

The Red Sea is famous for its resorts located on the Egyptian coast. Clamped between the Arabian Peninsula of Africa, it is distinguished by an extremely rich underwater world and warm water, so beloved by most tourists. But the seafarers of antiquity, it enjoyed a bad name because of its unpredictable nature.

The Egyptians call the Red Sea “Green space”.

Among all the seas, the Red Sea is the most salty. The dead sea does not count – it is still considered a lake.

No river flows into the Red Sea. That is why its waters are so transparent.

Of all the seas, it is Red that is the warmest. It is warmer even than the Azov.

Every day from the surface of the Red Sea, the amount of water that is equivalent to about 5 mm of its level evaporates. The sea, however, does not melt – a powerful stream brings new water from the Indian Ocean.

The shores of the Red Sea are removed from each other because of the movement of tectonic plates at a rate of about one centimeter per year.

The waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in the place of their meeting are not mixed because of different density.

After the Suez Canal was dug, representatives of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean and Red Seas began to mix.

Even in winter, the temperature of the near-surface water layer in the north of the Red Sea does not usually drop below +20 degrees.

In Israel, the Red Sea is called “Kamyshov” or “Reed” (the Hebrew word for this sea, admits both interpretations).