Interesting facts about the river Lena

Lena is a great river, and many peoples living in its surroundings are associated with a lot of myths and legends. Mighty Lena originates on the spurs of the Baikal ridge and flows into the Laptev Sea in the north. Nature lovers are not indifferent to the famous “Lena Pillars” – incredibly beautiful rocky beaches, which are a truly unique natural formation.

Lena is the most full-flowing river in Russia, the third in length. Its length exceeds 4400 kilometers, which is to put it on the tenth place in the list of the longest rivers in the world.

During the spring floods, the level of Lena increases by ten to fifteen meters.

The banks of the Lena are practically not inhabited for this reason – during the spill it sweeps out all the surrounding buildings.

In the language of the people living in the vicinity of Lena, the name of this river means “Great River”.

From the source to the mouth, the Lena River flows only through the territory of Russia.

Of all the rivers of Eastern Siberia, Lena is the largest. Most of its shores are surrounded by impassable taiga.

It is also the only river in the world, whose channel is completely in the regions of permafrost.

In the city of Olekminsk there is a monument to this river, set on its embankment.