Interesting facts about the rivers

Rivers are such a familiar element of the landscape that we sometimes do not even notice them. We simply forget that it is the rivers that we owe to the availability of clean water, suitable for drinking (after cleaning, of course) and for industry. But it’s far from all over the world with water resources, things are so radiant ….

The most full-flowing river in the world is the Amazon. There are more water in it than in the seven rivers following it, taken together.

At school, we were taught that the longest river in the world is the Nile. However, modern science has established that this is not so. The longest river is the Amazon, it is longer than the Nile, literally a hundred miles or so.

The most twisty river in the world is Piana, in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in Russia. At a length of about 400 kilometers, the distance from its source to the mouth along a straight line does not exceed 30 kilometers.

The Mekong River, once a year, expels from its bowels luminous fireballs that burst from the water and fly away skyward. This natural phenomenon has not yet been explained.

The Ural River is notable for the fact that one of its banks is in Asia and the other in Europe.

The mouth of the Venezuelan river Catatumbo attracts an anomalous amount of lightning. On average, the number of lightning strikes in the estuary is about 450,000 a year.

The most polluted river in the world is the Royal River in Australia. However, Hudson in the US from her in this matter almost does not lag behind.

The cleanest river is Irtysh, which flows through Russia.

The oldest river in the world is the Nile, which flows mainly through the territory of Egypt.

There is only one bridge across the Amazon.

Each year, the rivers take to the seas and oceans about sixteen billion tons of land and stones.

The river Kayahoga in the USA repeatedly burned, at least a dozen times. More precisely, the garbage floating on it was on fire. However, since then the river has been thoroughly cleaned, but the nickname “Fiery River” at Kayahoga remains.

There are seventeen countries in the world in which there is not a single permanent river. The largest of them is Saudi Arabia.

At the beginning of the last century, American engineers turned the course of the Chicago River back.

The height of the waves on the Amazon can reach four meters.

The deepest river in the world is the Congo, its depth in places is up to a quarter of a kilometer.

Scientists have established that at a depth of about four kilometers under the ground there is an “underground Amazon” – a huge underground river flowing under the Amazon and possessing the same length, but a hundred times wider.

The Kosi River in India every spring is laying a new course.

The widest river in the world is La Plata, in some places its width reaches 220 kilometers.

The country with the largest number of rivers is Finland. 650 rivers flow through its territory.

On Earth six rivers are called “Don”.

In Moscow there is the Los River. By the way, the cleanest river in this city.