Interesting facts about the Sea of ​​Japan

The Sea of ​​Japan is an amazingly beautiful land. Its southern part differs markedly from the north both by the climate and by the nature of the coast. Despite the fact that Sakhalin and the Japanese islands separate the sea from the ocean, storms are often raging there, raising huge waves, which makes the Sea of ​​Japan not very calm for shipping. There are no known resorts here, but this sea is extremely important for the economy and trade of several countries, including Russia.

Over the surface of the Sea of ​​Japan are often hurricanes and typhoons. Especially their number is great in the autumn time.

Waves of ten-meter height here – not uncommon, and during especially serious storms their height can be even higher.

The northern part of the Sea of ​​Japan usually freezes in winter and is covered with ice.

The Sea of ​​Japan has several names. So, the inhabitants of South Korea call it the eastern sea, and in the DPRK it is called the East Korean Sea. On the maps of many countries, the first two names are indicated simultaneously.

Some underwater inhabitants of the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan for the winter migrate to its warmer southern part.

Of all the seas washing Russia, it is the Japanese that is the richest in terms of the abundance of living species in it.

Of the nine hundred species of fish. living in the Sea of ​​Japan, about two hundred are the object of fishing.

Also in the Sea of ​​Japan, a dozen species of sharks live. Fortunately, none of them poses a serious danger to a person. But here there are tiny jellyfish, capable of killing with one touch to the skin.