Interesting facts about the taiga

Taiga is an incredible, vast forest that extends mainly to the north of the Eurasian continent, and to be precise, it is mainly across the territory of Russia. These vast northern forests still conceal many mysteries …

Taiga is common only in the north of the Eurasian and North American continents.

Most of the trees in the taiga are coniferous, but there are also deciduous trees.

Taiga is the world’s largest biome in the world, among those located on land.

The total area of ​​the taiga is more than fifteen million kilometers.

In the taiga there are more than thirty two thousand species of insects.

Taiga is of vital importance for the oxygen balance on the planet.

Among other things, the taiga is the world’s largest forest.

Cedars grow in the taiga quite often live for three hundred or four hundred years.

There are thirty-eight reserves in the Russian taiga.

In the taiga, more than eight hundred different kinds of flowers grow.

Some species of taiga mice-vole can bring up to forty cubs per year.

In the taiga, the temperature differences in summer and winter are extreme, the difference can be up to one hundred degrees.

In the taiga there are Siberian frogs, who, despite their cold-bloodedness, managed to adapt to the taiga climate.

The only representative of the cat family, having a “residence permit” in the taiga is lynx.

Taiga accounts for about twenty-seven percent of all the world’s forests.

The northernmost forest zone on the Earth is the taiga.

Most of Scandinavia is covered with taiga forests.