Interesting facts about the Vatican

The Vatican is a repository of priceless monuments of history and culture, among other things. This tiny theocratic state, however, enjoys tremendous influence throughout the world.

The Vatican is an enclave state located in Rome.

The Vatican has its own “army” – these are the famous Swiss.

Also, the Vatican has its own money and postage stamps.

The Vatican is the smallest state on earth among the recognized.

The Vatican does not have a divorce procedure in its legislation, only cancellation of marriage is possible.

The power of the Vatican officially justified Galileo, accused of heresy, only in 1992.

The Italian Embassy in the Vatican is located on the territory of Italy itself, so it is unique – this is the only such embassy in the world.

The Vatican state system is a theocratic monarchy.

The head of state is the Pope, elected by the cardinals’ council for life.

One hundred percent of the population of the Vatican are Catholics.

In the entire history of the Vatican, only about one and a half hundred marriages were made on its territory.

The Vatican has its own national football team.

The Vatican authorities digitized their entire library and provided free access to it for everyone.

The literacy rate in the Vatican is one hundred percent.

The Vatican is a state that is not threatened by any natural disasters.

The total area of ​​the Vatican is only 0.44 square kilometers.

The Vatican has its own railway line 852 meters long.

The Vatican border has a total length of 3.2 kilometers.

The Vatican is the only country in the world where in 1983 no children were born.

The Vatican does not have its own agriculture.

But there is a radio station broadcasting around the world in twenty-odd languages.

On the map of the Vatican there are 78 items.

The only sports facility in the Vatican is a tennis court.

In the Vatican there is a Sport street, in fact being a narrow path that leads to the aforementioned court.