Interesting facts about train stations

The station is such a construction, it would seem, familiar to all of us. Passing by, we do not even pay attention to this element of the city’s landscape, without thinking about the importance of the role that the stations play in the life of cities. Even now, in the heyday of cargo and passenger aviation, it is the stations and trains that ensure the uninterrupted transportation of cargo and passengers in different countries.

The first railway station in Russia was built in 1837 in St. Petersburg.

The world’s most northerly railway station is located at Luostari Station, in the Magadan Region.

The highest building in Europe is located in Samara.

One of the most beautiful stations in the world is located in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Its architecture and interior decoration is more like a majestic cathedral than a railway station.

The Berlin railway station is the largest and at the same time the busiest railway junction in Europe.

The station in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur resembles a fairytale castle of cartoons like “Aladdin”.

The railway station in Mumbai (India) is the busiest station in this country. This majestic building of the colonial era is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.