Interesting facts about Tunisia

Tunisia is a very popular tourist destination, this country is visited by not less tourists (including Russian) than Egypt and Turkey. However, clean beaches and warm sea – not the only wealth of Tunisia. This African country is very interesting from the point of view of an inquisitive visitor who wants to get acquainted with its features, and not just lying on the beach.

Tunisia is the most modest country in North Africa.

The word “Tunisia” is one of the variants of the female name.

Tunisia is considered the most democratic African state.

The oldest sites of primitive people on the territory of Tunisia have an impressive age – they are more than 200 thousand years old.

The largest province of the country, Tatooine, has gained worldwide fame thanks to George Lucas’s movie Star Wars, in which the planet of the same name appears. Scenes on this planet were shot, by the way, right here.

In Tunisia it is more prestigious to work as a doctor or a school teacher, since for many years the government has invested huge amounts of money in health care and education.

In summer, the working day in Tunisia officially starts at 7:00 am and ends at 14:00. This is due, in the first place, to unbearable heat.

All palm trees growing on the territory of Tunisia are date, but it is almost impossible to try these sweet fruits, they all go for export.

In Tunisia grow olive trees, the age of which is several thousand years. Olives from the oldest tree, which has been growing for 2400 years, are collected and used only for the needs of the central pharmacy of the capital.

Tunisians believe that camels, very common animals in this country, consider people not masters, but their friends.

Men in Tunisia can wear a beard only if they have a mustache.

In Tunisia, the word “kis-kis” is used to drive a cat, and not to call it. If this phrase is addressed to a man, it will be considered an insult.

For most fruits, Tunisians prefer the fruits of huge cacti.

Residents of Tunisia have developed their own recipe for the treatment of burns from jellyfish – you have to rub the affected area with sand and attach a piece of tomato.

The roofs of all houses in Tunisia are flat, since such a construction does not so heat up in the sun.

Residents of Tunisia believe that the outlines of their country resemble the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

In Tunisia, the “You” are addressed only to the President, as a sign of special respect.

One of the unusual attractions of Tunisia is the “Rose of the Sahara” – this “flower” is formed in the desert from salt and sand, it is often used to decorate aquariums and dwellings. The height of the crystal can reach 3 meters.

Tunisian police officers are not allowed to stop a car for violating traffic rules if the driver is a woman.

On the territory of the country are the ruins of one of the greatest cities of antiquity – Carthage.

In Tunisia, due to the abundance of stunning landscapes, many famous films were shot: Star Wars, Gladiator, Indiana Jones, The English Patient, and others.

In the city of Sidi Bou Said, all houses are white and blue, and they are legally forbidden to repaint them.

The most popular sport among Tunisians is football.

The basis of the national cuisine of Tunisia is a sharp pasta of Harissa, which is prepared from olive oil and red pepper. Serve kharissu with almost all the dishes, except perhaps desserts.

On the island of Djerba is a synagogue, built 2600 years ago, which houses the world’s oldest tori.