Interesting facts about Tuvalu

The Polynesian state of Tuvalu, which used to be called “Ellis Islands”, was a former colony that once formed a single administrative entity with the Kiribati islands. After separation from them, it received its current name.

The small island state of Tuvalu has established diplomatic relations with Russia.

Tuvalu has no railways.

The total length of asphalted roads to Tuvalu is eight kilometers.

A significant contribution to the treasury of the country brings the sale of domain names Tuvalu – .tv.

Tuvalu is located on nine small atolls.

The highest point Tuvalu is at an altitude of only five meters above sea level.

Tuvalu is the third largest country in terms of population (about 12 thousand people). Only Nauru and the Vatican have a smaller population.

In Tuvalu, there are only about a hundred foreigners.

In this country there is an airport, but the air service there is irregular, and only with the islands of Fiji.

The soil of Tuvalu is prone to coastal erosion, and the country is also threatened by flooding.

Tuvalu has one elementary school and one upper school.

There are also no political parties in Tuvalu.

Nominally the head of Tuvalu is the ruling English monarch.

The basis of the Tuvalu economy is fishing.

Officially, Tuvalu gained independence from Britain in 1978.

The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTuvalu is only 26 square kilometers.

Tuvalu has a very even climate, the average annual temperature fluctuates around 28-30 degrees.

Once a powerful hurricane knocked over 90% of all trees in Tuvalu.

There is not a single river to Tuvalu. Residents extract fresh water, collecting it in special reservoirs during the rain.

Tuvalu decided to bury the deceased in the courtyard of the house.