Interesting facts about Fyodor Tyutchev

Fyodor Tyutchev is a great Russian poet who forever left a mark on history. His poetry, like any other good poetry, is immortal, and not because it is part of the school curriculum, but because it sinks to everyone who reads it or listens to it. Tyutchev’s verses are permeated with the whole gamut of human feelings, and few can remain indifferent to them.

To all his beloved women Tyutchev devoted poetry.

Basics of education Tjutchev received independently, studying at home.

To his own creativity Tyutchev was skeptical, considering himself an amateur rather than a professional poet.

Tyutchev had nine children from different women – he was repeatedly married.

The poet never had a good health, as he himself noted in his poems and notes, Tyutchev was sick often enough.

Tyutchev was in kinship with Leo Tolstoy. Very far, but still.

Tyutchev also devoted poetry to his beloved poet – Pushkin.

Curious fact – Tyutchev wrote poetry not only in Russian, but also in German.

Tyutchev entered the university at the age of fourteen.

In addition to his own poetry, Tyutchev is famous for his translations of Horace.