Interesting facts about Udmurtia

Udmurtia is a vast region of Russia, which has a rich history of peoples inhabiting it. The capital of this subject of the federation is the city of Izhevsk, also quite remarkable. However, it is not about him, but about Udmurtia itself – an ancient land with its own customs and traditions.

The bowels of Udmurtia are extremely rich in minerals – about 300 million tons of oil alone.

In Udmurtia, a huge number of rivers and rivulets – there are more than seven thousand of them. However, the length of 99% of them does not exceed a dozen kilometers.

In honor of the Udmurt city of Glazov in 1976, one of the craters of Mars was named. The crater, by the way, is very large, with a diameter of about 20 kilometers.

Because of the peat bogs, the Udmurt rivers Chepts and Sepych repeatedly changed their beds. Therefore, on their shores, people practically do not settle.

Udmurtian Father Frost is called Tol Babai. They depict him, however, as well as the Father Frost, which is familiar to us.

Udmurt city of Sarapul is one of the centers of residence of the Jews and the Jews. In their language there are a lot of borrowings from the Udmurt and Tatar languages, which makes it difficult for other Yiddish speakers to understand them.

In the Udmurt village of Turquoise in the second half of the 2000s appeared Courchevel street. It became the first street outside the European Union, named after the famous resort.

The unofficial name of Udmurtia is the “Spring Territory”.

Russia is a multiethnic country, as we all know. Representatives of more than a hundred nationalities live on the territory of Udmurtia alone.