Interesting facts about Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu is a state located on the same archipelago. Because of its geographical distance from the centers of civilization, the majority of people living on Earth do not suspect the existence of such a country, but this does not mean that nothing interesting can be told about Vanuatu. On the contrary – this distant corner of our beautiful planet is amazing in many respects.

Vanuatu is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The annual income of the whole country is much, much less than the income of large corporations like “Microsoft” or “Toyota.”

Vanuatu has three state languages ​​- English, French and Bislama. However, the first two few people say.

Until mid-1980, this country had a different name – the New Hebrides. The state was renamed after independence.

About 4% of the population of Vanuatu are Europeans.

About 95% of Vanuatu’s residents are Christians. The remaining (mostly the inhabitants of the most remote islands of the archipelago, actually leading close to the primitive way of life) are adherents of the cult of the cargo that originated in the islands during the Second World War.

About one in four people in Vanuatu is illiterate.

Local currency is called “cotton wool”.

The leaders of the villages in Vanuatu still have enormous power. Of course, de jure Vanuatu is a republic, but still with local characteristics. In addition, usually the leaders are respected by the population.

The most popular sports in Vanuatu are rugby and cricket.

The athletes representing Vanuatu regularly take part in the Olympic Games. True, so far they have not managed to win a single medal.

Vanuatu has submarine mail. No, it’s true – it’s a post office, located under water near the capital. By the way, it is one in the whole world. To use it, you need a special waterproof envelope.

Vanuatu ranks first in the world in terms of the density of languages. On the territory of this compact country, people speak 113 different languages ​​and dialects.

The Vanuatu Armed Forces took part in the Second World War.