Interesting facts about Vietnam

Vietnam is a communist state with a difficult fate. During the Vietnam War, its territory became the object of fierce battles, in which not only the US, but also the USSR, unofficially, were mired. Since then, fortunately, things in this corner of the world went smoothly. The welfare of Vietnam is growing, and this country even began to attract a lot of tourists in recent years. In addition, Vietnam is slowly but surely following the path already traversed by China, gradually turning into a country with a powerful industry.

Vietnamese do not like to sunbathe. It is believed that the lighter the skin – the more beautiful.

A traditional Vietnamese pointed hat was born as a protection against coconuts falling from trees. Having fallen on such a hat, a coconut, of course, will hit a person, but not deadly, and then it will jump aside. Without a hat, the fall of a coconut on your head often ends in death.

Vietnam ranks second in the world in terms of rice consumption per capita. Rice here really eat at all with everything. Sorts of rice, by the way, there are many dozens.

In Vietnamese stores and supermarkets it is almost impossible to find regular milk – for some reason, only the sweetened is sold for some reason.

Mosquitoes in Vietnam are very evil, and Russian sprays do not take them – only Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese dry the harvested rice crop, simply laying it on the roadsides.

The most common means of transportation in Vietnam is a scooter, and they are often visited by the whole family-mother, father and two or three children.

In cheap Vietnamese cafes, it is customary to throw garbage directly under the table. At best, there will be a trash can under the table. In addition, in such cafes there is no menu, and visitors are offered only a few dishes to choose from.

Vietnamese dong, local money, are made of plastic, not paper. They do not tear, they do not get wet and they do not get dirty.

Vietnam occupies the second place in the world in the production of coffee, yielding to the palm of the primacy of Brazil, while the Vietnamese themselves almost do not drink coffee. The whole harvest is exported.

Often working at hotels, Vietnamese park their scooters at night in the lobby.

Petrol in Vietnam is twice as expensive as in Russia.

Four fifths of the population of Vietnam are followers of the cult of ancestors, which is not a religion in the full sense of the word. With some stretch, they can even be called atheists.

Vietnamese often bathe in clothes.

The Vietnamese jungle is an extremely dangerous place, an unprepared person here simply will not survive.

Vietnamese schoolchildren wear a uniform that resembles the shape of Soviet pioneers.

In the south of Vietnam there is a small desert with sand dunes.

In Vietnam, chess, checkers, dominoes, backgammon and other table games are extremely popular.

The official salary of the President of Vietnam is $ 250.

At a funeral in Vietnam, it’s customary to have fun, not grieve.

For a wedding in Vietnam, it is customary to call at least a couple of hundred people. It also reaches a few thousand. Walking such a wedding for five days, and every day guests are different.

Traffic rules in Vietnam are present only nominally – in practice, no one observes them.

In Vietnamese families, there are often only two children, because the third child has to pay huge taxes. However, it is important only for urban residents.

In the tourist village of Mui Ne, located in the south of Vietnam, more people speak Russian than in English.

In Vietnam, you can find a huge number of monuments dedicated to the friendship of this country with the Soviet Union.