Interesting facts about Zambia

The South African state of Zambia does not stand out as remarkable. This country is a typical enough for this region spectacle – a low standard of living, lush nature and widespread poverty. Life here is slowly going on and it does not change from year to year.

The country of Zambia appeared in 1964 – before that it was subordinate to Great Britain and was called Northern Rhodesia.

Zambia – the first country in Africa, which began to make banknotes not of paper, but of plastic.

The famous Victoria Falls is right on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This is perhaps the main reason why tourists come to this country.

On the territory of Zambia, including in the capital, Lusaka, is extremely common extremely dangerous fly tse-ts. But in Ethiopia, for example, almost completely got rid of it.

The official language in Zambia is English, but in fact there are more than 60 different aboriginal languages ​​in the field. About a third of the Zambians (that is, most of all) speak Bemba.

Modern supermarkets in Zambia can only be found in the capital.

The rules of the road are not there. Nominally they, of course, are, but hardly any of the local drivers generally know them, let alone to observe them.

A very popular place for tourists visiting Zambia is the village of artisans Mukuni. Local natives are famous for their skilful carving on wood.

In Zambia, there are such amazing trees as baobabs. The oldest of them is more than one and a half thousand years old (see interesting facts about baobabs).

In the Zambian language of Lozi, there are more than forty words in translation meaning “woman.”