Is a chameleon a reptile ?

Yes, chameleons are reptiles. The chameleon is common in Northeast Africa, Syria, Arabia, Sri Lanka, the Mediterranean, Turkey and India. Often settles in forests, sand dunes, where he finds shelter in the abandoned burrows of other animals.

The average length of the trunk is 20-30 cm. The body color is incredibly variable, but completely imitate the background features on which the chameleon is, is incapable. The body can be monophonic yellowish-green, and then in a matter of minutes become reddish-brown or bright-turquoise.

Specific coloring serves as a disguise and protection against predators. Eyes rotate independently of each other, and the reptile has a wide field of view. Sticky language with an extension-funnel on the end – the main weapon of the chameleon – reaches 20-30 cm.

He can sit for hours in the thick crown of trees, waiting for the victim. He leads a solitary life. Strangers take off from their territory, taking menacing poses. The average life expectancy is 5 years.