Is a chinchilla a rodent ?

Yes, the chinchilla is an rodent and it goes to the family of chinchillas. It has a gray natural color (standard animal). The hair of the animal is colored in parts: the upper part – black, the middle – white, and the bottom has a black or bluish tinge. Hence on the bends of the body appears a wonderful game of tones.

This animal have a unique structure of fur – from one hair bulb they sprout about fifty hairs. They also have a dense arrangement of bulbs, from which the fur is very thick. Throughout the length of the hairs have a non-uniform color, which makes the fur elegant, as the tones play beautifully. At the moment there is a description of the order of 20 different colors of this species of animals, with their many shades.

The animal chinchilla, despite its exotic, has become very popular. These good-natured little animals are always welcome to children. In addition, care for them does not require special skills and knowledge. Tame a chinchilla can be pretty fast. Communication with these beautiful creatures diversifies everyday life and brings joy.

The size of an adult chinchilla is quite small. So the length of the animal’s body is 22-38 cm, the size of the tail is 7-15 cm. By the way, the weight of the female is much larger than the male. The chinchilla size girl also has more than the male. The weight of chinchillas reaches from 800 grams to 1.5 kilos.