Is a fox a cat or dog ?

Fox is not a cat or dog, but globally they refer to the Dog family. Fox is one of the most popular wild predatory animals. On the physique and shape of the jaw, the fox is like wolves, dogs and jackals. However, they differ from them by a lower landing, a lush tail and an elongated trunk.

The cunning and resourcefulness of foxes, sung in many fairy tales, sayings and fables, are greatly exaggerated. By its sharpness, the fox does not differ much from the same predator of the wolf. It can repeatedly fall into the same set traps, is afraid of running past the flags placed by hunters, does not immediately identify a person standing motionless. Her sense of smell is not very developed. In what it can not be denied, it is in the ability to navigate the terrain well, escaping from persecution.

The fur color distinguishes white foxes, albino, black-brown, gray steppe foxes, bright red. The area of ​​distribution of foxes is Europe, North Africa, North and West Asia. The wolves are the worst enemies of foxes. His fox’s suit is arranged between the roots of trees or under stones.

If possible, the foxes occupy the abandoned lair of the badger or even settle with them in one hole. In treeless warm countries, foxes construct burrows only for their offspring, they themselves remain on the surface.