Is a kangaroo a mammal ?

Yes, kangaroos are mammals.  Marsupial animals prefer to lead a nocturnal life, with the onset of twilight appearing on pastures. During the day they rest in burrows made of grass nests or in the shade of trees.

If one of the animals notices any danger (for example, a dingo dog wants to taste kangaroo meat), a message about it is immediately transmitted to the rest of the pack by hitting the back legs against the ground. To transmit information, they often use sounds – grunting, sneezing, clicking, hissing.

If there are favorable conditions in the locality (plenty of food, lack of danger), the marsupials may well form a large community of one hundred individuals. But, usually they live in small flocks, which consist of a male, several females and growing up in a kangaroo bag.

At the same time the male very zealously protects the flock from other males, and if they try to join, fierce fights occur.

For these animals, attachment to a certain territory is characteristic, and they prefer not to leave it without special reasons (except for the huge red kangaroo animals, which can overcome several tens of kilometers in search of the best forage sites).