Is a lion a mammal ?

Yes, lions are mammals. The lion is the only representative of the cat family with a pronounced sexual demarcism. Lionesses are smaller and have no mane. Females more often than males act as hunters – therefore the mane, which can interfere with disguise, is not developed. In males, the color of the mane varies from white to dark brown, and even black, and with age it always darkens.

The weight of adult males is 150-250 kg, females – 120-180 kg. In the mountains of Kenya, a lion was killed, the weight of which was 272 kg. Depending on the environment and habitat, the weight and size of the lions are different. Lions from the eastern part of the continent are mostly 5% lighter than lions from South Africa.

The length of the male lion’s body together with the head can reach 1.7-2.5 m, the female 1.4-1.8 m. The height in the shoulders of males can reach 1,25 m, in masks – 1,1 m. The tail of a male lion can reach 90-105 cm in length, females – 70-100 cm in length.

In the wild, the male with a black mane was the maximum length of the body, who was shot in southern Angola in October 1973. Its length was 3.3 m. The heaviest known lion in the wild was killed in the Eastern Transvaal in South Africa in 1936. He was a cannibal. His weight was 313 kg.