Is a panda a mammal ?

Yes, pandas are mammals. A panda, or a bamboo bear, is a cute and cute animal, different from the rest of the brethren of a kind of unusual color. Although not all zoologists consider a panda to be a family of bears.

Its length can be up to one and a half meters, and weight – up to one hundred and sixty kilograms. Thick and short paws with sharp, long claws help the bear to climb trees and stay on the smooth trunks of the bamboo that he eats.

The panda has two features that distinguish it from other animals: a long tail and color. The tail of a bamboo bear can reach twelve centimeters. The whole body of the bear is covered with thick white fur. Black only paws, spots around the eyes and the so-called “yoke” over the shoulders and neck.

Pandas are single animals. They do not gather in flocks and do not live in groups. Female and male converge only in the mating season. When a baby is born – usually one, twins are born occasionally – my mother educates him to a certain age, then leaves. Unlike brown bears, bamboo does not fall into hibernation, for them it is not characteristic. Almost all his time the bear spends on food – bamboo shoots, he chews 10-12 hours a day.