Is a salamander a reptile ?

The first look at the salamander tells us that these creatures are relatives of lizards, but, wait! Do not make hasty conclusions! After all, if lizards are reptiles, then salamanders are …

These are real amphibians! And the frogs are much more “related to them” than the representatives of the “Lizard” suborder similar to them. The closest relatives, from the point of view of science, are Newts to newts.

Salamanders are the most numerous group among all representatives of tailed amphibians.

According to the structure of internal organs, these animals are divided into pulmonary and pulmonary. In connection with such a device, the environment also differs: the first category is exclusively water inhabitants, while the second prefers to combine the terrestrial way of life with the terrestrial one.

As already mentioned, the appearance of salamanders (especially pulmonary) resemble lizards: they have an elongated body, a long tail, short paws. The eye of these animals has a movable eyelid, the body is covered with a thin very delicate skin, however, like all amphibians.

For a normal life of a salamander, it is necessary that her skin is constantly moistened and covered with a special mucus, otherwise the animal will have trouble breathing, because these creatures breathe not only with light, but also with the entire surface of their body. By the way about slime, in some species of salamanders it is poisonous, which makes these amphibians completely inedible and even potentially dangerous for other animals.