Is a shark a mammal ?

Shark is not a mammal.The name “mammal” speaks for itself. Those animals that feed their cubs with milk are called “mammals”. The shark does not nourish its cubs with milk, in addition, the shark breathes with the help of such a device – the “gills”. A shark is a fish. Of course, these predators are comparable in size to dolphins or some species of whales. But in the sea kingdom there are many identical in size, but different in content

One of the oldest species of animals, mysterious and poorly studied – it’s sharks, or, as they are also called – Selachia. A lot of myths and legends surround this representative of marine fauna and form a prejudice against amazing fish. Systematically to study the Selahians began during the Second World War, during the fighting in the basins of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The task was to find a means of protecting people from attacking sea predators

The list of these marine predators includes more than 400 species, polar different: from the shallowest deep-sea, barely growing to 17-20 cm, to the giant – a whale shark, a huge 20-meter multitone specimen