Is a snail an insect ?

Snail is not an insect, he belongs to mollusk class. Due to the way snails live, they have a very developed sole. It is followed by waves of muscle contractions, due to which the mollusk moves almost on any surface. It also has two glands secreting mucus, which facilitates the movement over dry territory, ensuring glide. Small snails move by beating cilia.

The strength with which the snail “sucked” to an even plane, to the glass, for example, is very high. It is impossible to tear off the mollusk from such surfaces, or at least to do it very carefully, first removing the edge of the sole with a thin, sharp object.

Otherwise, the owner will have to make a considerable effort to “peel” the snail, while the pressure on the shell can cause damage to it or complete cleavage.

Planting such exotic pets like snails, many owners do not even know what their pets are, and how their body works. But such knowledge is necessary for a correct understanding of the life and needs of the cochlea.