Is a zebra a horse ?

A zebra is a separate species of the genus of horses that lives in Africa. There are three types of zebras: desert, flat and mountain. Plain zebras have chosen the savannahs of the eastern and southern parts of the continent.

Mountain zebras live in the southwestern part of the continent, in which there is a huge number of high plateaus. Representatives of a desert species inhabit Kenya and Ethiopia. It is worth noting that there are very few desert zebras, so these animals are listed in the Red Book.

Different types of zebras do not cross each other, even when their territories coincide. With artificial crossing of representatives of different species, a large number of miscarriages occur.

The length of the animal reaches up to 2.5 meters, the length of the tail is 50 cm. The height of the zebra at the withers is about 1.5 meters, weight is up to 350 kg. Female, as a rule, is always 10% smaller than males. An important point is the fact that each individual has its own individual pattern.

It’s like every person has their own fingerprints. There are three kinds of zebras – those that live in the desert, on the plains and in the mountains. This is a monophysical smooth-haired animal.