Is bread bad for ducks ?

Yes,¬†bread is really¬† bad for ducks and people should know it, it’s bad for both domestic and wild ducks. Wild ducks have adapted well for life on all continents, and some species, for example, goats bring hatchlings in a short summer period in the tundra. Depending on the environment, the diet can vary, but it should be noted that most species of ducks are waterfowl creatures and their lifestyle on the water is closely related to their diet.

From the earliest age, most ducklings themselves start to get their own food, regardless of their habitat. One of the most amazing ducks resides in the upper reaches of the Amazon River, where on the slopes of the Andes mountains, flowing mountain rivers flow.

In these cold fast rivers, there lives a unique end duck that can swim, avoiding ruts. Even small ducklings of this species are able to harvest larvae of beetles in the eerie fast streams of a mountain river.

Of course, this is more an exception than the rule, because most ducks prefer to settle on slowly flowing swampy rivers, in ponds and on lakes. The thing is that in slowly flowing water bodies, as a rule, there is more food fed by wild ducks.