Lemmings are one of the close relatives of hamsters and field mice. In the photo, the lemming resembles a hamster. What is the lemming way of life? Animals with a sweet name refer to the mouse-like rodents. Scientists know these animals as one of the most prolific creatures of the planet Earth. The modern classification includes about 4 species of these animals. Lemmings are larger in size than mice, but they can not be called large.

The length of the body of these rodents is only 12 to 18 centimeters. Plus – a small tail (1 – 2 cm). The eyes of the animals are small, like beads. Vibrissae in these animals, in comparison with their relatives in the family, do not stand out in length. The fur coat of Lemmings representatives is short-haired, the color can be from brown to gray shades.

As a habitat, lemmings chose the northernmost latitudes for themselves. Some species settle even at the North Pole! These rodents are found in Alaska, in Norway, Canada, Siberia and some other places. The lifestyles of these mouse-like animals are single. Couples are formed only during the mating season. Activity lemmings are shown at any time of day. These animals do not migrate, they lead a sedentary lifestyle. As a shelter and dwelling use mink, dug in the ground “with his own hands.”

To make it easier to navigate the terrain, lemmings trample the paths from their house in different directions. Such “infrastructure” helps them, including, quickly hide from the enemy and hide in the shelter. Lemmings are awake all year round, these animals do not need to sleep.

The diet of lemmings consists of leaves, branches, grasses, buds, bark of shrubs growing on the territory of the tundra. Sometimes animals can gnaw horns that are dropped by deer, or eggshell dropped from the nest. Rodnit these little animals with all rodents immense gluttony. These creatures are constantly in need of something to gnaw. Therefore their dinners, at times, last all the day!