Leopards – information

Leopard is a beautiful cat, very artful and cunning. She is fast and careful, graceful. The leopard has an elongated, strong body. On a round head small, but all very well hearing ears. Has sharp eyesight, perfectly sees, both day and night. Wide nose, long mustache and terribly sharp teeth. The length of the canine reaches 10cm. Sharp claws hid in strong paws. It is the teeth and claws of the predator’s terrible weapon.

The body length is 90-180 cm, the tail is from 60 to 100 cm. The weight of females is up to 65 kg, males are heavier, their weight is 60 – 80 kg. Leopards living in open areas are larger in size than their counterparts living in the forest. Smart fur perfectly masks a predator, and makes it invisible. That’s why it’s not easy to meet him. On the yellow background, large black spots, only on the paws below and on the muzzle, these spots are small. Belly is white, almost without spots.

Leopards live in Africa (except the Sahara), Transcaucasia, India, China, Pakistan and Indonesia. In South-East Asia there are black leopards. They are called panthers. Stains on the skin are also present, but they are almost invisible. Cats prefer the humid jungles, savannas, semi-deserts and mountains in Africa. In Asia they like coniferous forests and deaf tropical and subtropical mixed forests on plains and mountain slopes.

They feed mainly on cloven-hoofed animals – roe deer, antelope, deer. In a hungry time eaten by rodents, monkeys and birds. He eats large prey in two days. Hunts while sitting in ambush, silently creeping up to the victim. Then he jumps. If there is a blunder, then he does not pursue prey. His “dinner”, the predator drags on a tree, and there he hides. The weight of the carcass often exceeds the weight of the leopard.

He drinks a lot of water, but can manage without it for a long time. He also likes to eat fish. He’s an excellent fisherman! He likes to rest on the tree, hanging his paws. The way of life is single and night, rarely animals gather in the family.

Overcome the four-meter-high barrier is no problem for him. He runs fast, can overcome in a second 8 meters. Just a champion! Easily climbs trees and rocks. Of all the members of the cat family, he does it best of all. It’s a smart and fast-moving beast.