Lion symbolism

Lion has a dual meaning, carrying in itself and solar, and lunar symbolism, the personification of both good and evil. As a solar symbol, the lion embodies the heat, brilliance and strength of the midday Sun, the principle of fire, splendor, strength and courage, steadfastness, justice, law, military power, the King of Beasts.

On the other hand, the lion symbolizes cruelty, ferocity, bestial way of life. He is a symbol of war and is an attribute of the gods of war. Personalizing the lunar principle, the lioness accompanies the Great Mother, or is harnessed to her chariot. Symbolizing the maternal instinct, the lioness is often depicted with the virgin goddesses of war.

The goddesses of Crete, Mycenae, Phrygia, Thrace, Syria, Lycia and Sparta had on their arms a lioness. It appears in the images next to the winged Artemis, Cybele, Fortune and Gorgons, and in India and Tibet – as an attribute of Tara and a symbol of land and motherhood.

The lion and the unicorn symbolize rival solar-lunar, female-male forces. The lion that kills the boar signifies the power of the Sun, which kills the wolves of Winter.