Lynx – information

This representative of the cat family is considered to be the largest of the genus of lynxes. In length it can reach more than a meter, with a short thin tail. Weight about 20 kg. A feature of these animals is that they have brushes on the tips of the ears and wide tanks on the sides of the head, this visually increases it.

Tassels on the ears perform an important function. With their help, the predator catches even the quietest sounds, which is very helpful during the hunt. In addition to well-developed hearing, it has a good sense of smell and vision. Can perfectly climb on trees, rocks and swim.

Lynx is very beautiful fur, especially in the cold season. The coat becomes very thick and soft. The color is ashy and reddish in the upper part of the body, and the belly is white. The whole body covers small spots. Thanks to this appearance, ordinary lynxes have good disguise abilities.

It mainly lives in dense forests with thickets of windbreak and rocky outcrops. In the woodlands it is almost impossible to meet this animal. Lynx can be found in the Carpathian forests. Such areas with dense vegetation create ideal conditions for the dwelling of these cats. In search of food, they can go out to the Polonin, but they stay there for a long time. The predator does not like migrating. And if you have enough game for food, you can spend all your life in one territory.

The main food of the trotter are hares, roe deer, rodents, different birds. For unknown reasons, he has a terrible dislike for the foxes. She does not consume them in food, but does not miss the opportunity to kill. In the snowy season, the animal can also attack larger animals. Thanks to long legs and fur-covered pads of paws, a cat can move through the snow without difficulty.

In search of prey lynx ordinary leaves with the onset of night. There is an opinion that she attacks prey from a tree, but it is not. The predator prefers to wait patiently or sneak up with cautious steps and sharply attack.

The animal tries to avoid the people. Their approach is heard a few meters and tries not to catch their eye. When hard times come and the lynx lacks food in the forest, it can go to the nearest settlements to profit from a cat or dog. This predator can overcome the adult sheepdog. But the cases when they appear among people are very rare, basically they can be found in coniferous dense forests.

The mating season in the lynx falls on February and March. At this time, animals behave very noisy. There are several males who are trying to prove their superiority over others by starting a fight. The winner becomes the chosen one of the female. Pregnancy lasts 10 weeks. Usually the mother takes care of the offspring. To give birth to kittens, she prefers between the roots of old trees or arranges a nest in a hollow. This place is lined by the female with wool, leaves and feathers.