Macaw – information

Parrot Macaw is the brightest of exotic birds. The color of this bird is shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow: yellow, blue, blue, orange, red. This is undeniably fascinating, so you can admire such a handsome man for hours.

In addition to being the most “colored” of the parrot’s bird family, it is also the largest. The size of some individuals along with the tail can reach 90 – 98 cm, and the sweep of a large pointed wing – up to 40 cm.

The large wedge-shaped bright tail is much larger than the body itself. The area near the eyes from the sides of the head near the ares is almost naked – only with a very small number of short feathers forming a certain pattern. The special property of this bird is its unique beak. It is very large, compressed from the sides and sharply rounded down, like a hook. But apart from all this, his beak is incredibly strong.

Parrots Macaw, in other words their name Macau (Macaw) belong to the group of neotropical parrots (Arini), the family Parrots – Psittacidae, subfamilies These parrots are Psittacinae.

Parrots are divided into three main groups, although some scientists add a fourth, which includes one, a rare parrot. We will mention all four.

In the wild, parrots Macaw prefer the humid and arid tropical forests of Latin and South America. The residence depends on the specific species: South or Central America, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Mexico.