Macaws parrots are large parrots, up to 50 cm, weight up to 2 kg. Precisely say, Macaw parrots how much you can not live, but 50-80 years, so you can say that it is chosen for life. The largest kind of parrots and prestigious both for the price and the characteristics. Extraordinarily beautiful and intelligent.

Homeland parrots Macaw are moist and arid forests of South America. They say that they have no sense of smell, so that not to fall prey to predators spend the night on high branches. The color of the plumage of these birds is blue-yellow, green, red. They feed mainly on fruits, seeds, palm nuts and even cacti. In natural conditions, they nest mainly in hollows of trees.

Sow average two or three eggs. The parrots of this species have a strong, large beak. It should be remembered, but I saw how quietly the dogs or cats live with aram. If these parrots are treated with love, then they will become attached to you, and there can be no question of bites.

Let’s say a few words about the contents of the macaw macaw at home. Macaw is a very common type of large parrots, a good choice for many parrot lovers. It must be remembered that these parrots need a lot of space and attention, and the usual, small cage does not fit. Macaw requires a lot of space, the ideal option – aviary or free maintenance in the apartment. While living in the house, these parrots can (like other species of parrot) gnaw household things.

Best of all, is to attach a large branch in the house that will be your friend’s favorite place. Remember that they can shout loudly and neighbors may not like it. True, just like Macaw does not cry, if it produces a loud sound, then something needs or hinders. They need a loyal and intelligent friend, a person or their kindred.

A macaw parrot eats ready-made feeds for large parrots (corn, sunflower seeds, wheat, millet, oats) at home, are sold at pet stores.