Male hedgehog

Males of common hedgehogs have an aggressive character. Only in relation to each other. Males protect the territories they own very zealously, and the size of such sites in males ranges from seven to thirty-nine hectares, in females – ranging from six to ten hectares.

The hedgehog’s nest is difficult to detect. Indeed, the ordinary hedgehog chooses the most secluded places for its construction: the roots of trees, abandoned rodent burrows, caves, pits, etc. The diameter of the nest, as a rule, varies from fifteen to twenty centimeters. The inner surface of the hedgehog’s nest is laid with moss, dry leaves or grass, which form the litter.

The needles of ordinary hedgehogs change quickly. On the contrary, molting in these animals is a phenomenon that proceeds extremely slowly. Moulting usually occurs either in autumn or in spring. Surprisingly, within a year, ordinary hedgehogs only change one needle from three, and the duration of growth of each needle ranges from one to one and a half years.

Ordinary hedgehogs are fast animals. For their size, this, indeed, because they are able to develop a speed of up to three meters per second. In addition, hedgehogs can jump and swim! When running, these animals step on the earth’s surface with the entire foot.