Mice scientific name

Scientific name of mice is Mus.┬áThe field mouse is a miniature animal that reaches no more than 13 cm in length. The tail is 70% of the body length and can be 7-10 cm. The length of the back step is short – 1.8-2 , 0 cm.

The muzzle of the field mouse is pointed. Eyes are brown, miniature, round in shape. The ears are small, leathery, dense, located at the top of the head. They have a curved shape and a slight inclination forward. The length of the ears can reach 9-14 mm.

There is an underdeveloped lobe on the auricle. Claws have blunt short claws. Fur is tough, rough, short. The color is gray, brown, buffy or beige. Along the spine there is an even line of black or brown hue. The color of the abdomen is white. At the base of the hairline has a dark tinge. On the chest there may be small specks. The number of nipples is 8.

Skull of small rodents. It reaches 25-28 mm. Has an elongated nasal part and alveolar hillocks. The cerebral cortex is oblate, rounded. There are frontal crests along the edges. The interorbital gap is powerful with large rims in the form of crests.