Monarch butterfly scientific name

Monarch butterfly scientific name is Danaus plexippus.┬áIn the world of insects, the butterfly monarch has a definition – kings. The full name of the monarch is from the royal sources. Ancient mythology says that the powerful Egyptian son had the name Danai, hence the name of the insect. The second version of the name gave the butterfly Samuel Skudder in 1874, relying on its large view and capture of vast territories for living.

The monarch travels long distances to fly to warm countries in winter. One of the features of insects, intolerance of the cold season, and the food consumed does not grow during the winter in the native regions of existence.

Butterfly monarch of the genus danaid, which belongs to the family of nymphalids. Long ago the genus Danaid was divided into three subgenus, which is now forgotten, and today all 12 butterflies belong to the same genus. In this regard, the description of the monarch butterfly is sometimes different.

Wings in the straightened state of the butterfly are large (8-10 centimeters). But not only the size is surprising, but the structure of the wing, which has 1.5 million cells, is mesmerizing, they contain bubbles.