Mongoose – information

If you want to learn some interesting facts about mongoose, here’s an article for you. I’m sure you know that a mongoose is an animal that does not let snakes get close; Yes, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi saves the whole family from cobra. No, there are still many interesting facts about these predatory mammals. They are found in large numbers in South Asia and Africa.

These are terrestrial mammals and active hunters who feed on eggs and other small animals, such as frogs, insects and worms. Some of them supplement their diet with fruits and nuts. In India, these are ordinary animals, most snake charmers have a mongoose, since they can be easily domesticated and can be taught to simple tricks.

Mongoose are affectionate animals with long bodies and muzzles, combined with small round ears. They have short paws and long tapering tails. In most cases, they have a gray or brown pattern on gray or brown wool. These animals have claws that can not be turned back, so they can not be removed.

Some species of mongoose are nocturnal, while others go out during the day. One species, known as the yellow mongoose, belongs to the last group and lives a communal life, unlike the Egyptian mongoose, who lives a solitary life.

Mongooses live in crevices of rocks and burrows. Interestingly, they rarely dig these holes themselves, most of the time they just move around in burrows that are taken from other animals.

Smell plays a very important role in marking the territories belonging to different species, and they can also use it to mark reproductive status. They have a strong smell of anal glands for the same purpose.