Moose – information

Moose are the largest representatives of the deer family. Many know that the males of these animals wear huge horns on their heads, which are dropped once a year. However, not everyone can guess why they need them. As it turned out, the horns are a kind of antenna, catching various sounds and helping the moose to better navigate the terrain. As far as elks have a good sense of smell and hearing, they have so little vision.

This rather large animal will no longer notice a person approaching him by about 10 meters. The elk has a rather interesting period of mating games. The male is initially determined by what kind of female he needs to take care of and only then proceeds to concrete actions. The final stage is pulling a pit by the male and filling it with his urine. If the female gives good to the relationship, then she must fully fold in this hole. The average life expectancy of moose is 15-18 years. In captivity, they can live up to 20-23. In the litter more often one lobe is born.

If it happens that two were born, then the female feeds only one, leaving the second for certain death. Quite curious is the fact that if elk finds a lack of nutrition, then the fetus in her body resolves. Moose are terrible addicts. They adore the smell of gasoline, diesel fuel, acetone and other chemical compounds. It is also easy to add moose to alcohol. The animal, after the accepted dose begins to behave inadequately: sings songs, ruffles, fights, knocks hoofs, etc. This resembles the behavior of a person in a state of intoxication.

To get moose milk, milkmaids on farms have to be coated with amniotic fluid. Only after a few days elk is accustomed to the worker and gives himself to milk freely. Elk milk is considered to be an indispensable product for severe dysbiosis, allergic diseases, and it is also able to improve the condition of people with leukemia.