Most deadly snake

Tiger snake is the most poisonous snake in the world. She got this name because of her tiger color. One bite is capable of killing 400 people. After the poison enters the blood, after a few seconds it paralyzes all nerve endings and the victim dies due to cardiac arrest.

Dwells in Australia and mainly eats birds, frogs and mice. One female is capable of giving birth to a minimum of 50 vipers. The length is up to two meters. The chances of surviving a person with a bite are very small, but in any case, you need to seek help as soon as possible, or try to suck out the poison yourself from the bite yourself.

Taipan takes second place in the ranking of the most venomous snakes. The main food is small mammals. Also located in Australia, and most often it can be found in fields and dry plains. One bite can kill about a hundred people or a quarter of a million mice

Today, on Earth, you can find about two and a half thousand snakes, but only 250 species are deadly. Annually about five million people worldwide suffer from their bites, 3 percent of the bitten people die, and about 5% become disabled. Today we will tell our readers about the most dangerous and poisonous snakes that exist on earth.