Mouse – information

The mouse looks more likeable from a rat. But they bring harm no less. In addition, these animals carry a terrible disease – a cholera. Therefore, people persistently destroy them.

The most common are three kinds of mice. The first is a house mouse, which is the usual neighbor of a man in a rural house, and sometimes in a city house, bringing a lot of trouble to people. The length of the house mouse is about 18 cm along with the tail, which is about the same length as the body. The second type of mouse is forest, and the third is field.

The way of life, all three species lead almost the same, while the house mouse is also easily tamed. Affectionate and quick she can amuse with her behavior of the owners. Some house mice even know how to sing – they make trills like the singing of a young Orioles.

The damage from a home mouse is not even that it steals supplies, but mostly that it spoils, sex, furniture, books, etc. Animals multiply very quickly. One female mouse can produce up to 45 toddlers per year.

The forest mouse is distributed throughout Europe and Central Asia. She is as clever as a house girl, but she also knows how to jump.

The field mouse lives on a vast territory from the Rhine to Western Siberia. She is the least dexterous of all her kindred, but for that the most good-natured. The animal eats grain, insects, worms. The field mouse not only runs fast, on and knows how to climb the stems of plants. It is also interesting that this animal builds its nest according to the example of a bird, using for this purpose twigs.