For thousands of years people have been sharing their homes with these brisk, quick-headed animals. The first mention of mice appeared even in the time of Aristotle. And in Europe, moustached beauties made themselves felt 4 thousand years ago, since then they live with a man side by side: traveling with him on ships, wandering in trains and planes, living in markets – after all it must be the same to animals, like man , To eat!

In nature, the habitats of mice were the steppe lands and semi-deserts of Southeast Asia and North Africa, but now the moustached rodent lives wherever possible: these creatures are absent only in the Far North, Antarctica and high in the mountains, as it does not tolerate low temperatures And high humidity.

Indeed, a lot of mouse is not necessary, it would be that nibble: croup, seeds, bread crumbs – mice will be happy with everything. The attitude of people to these rodents has always been ambiguous: on the one hand, they actively spoiled the stocks of products, and on the other – remember at least domestic cartoons in which the “mouse-norushka” – a bright character and an invariable participant in events! And the American cartoon “Tom and Jerry,” where Jerry – a small charming mouse, for which a huge terrible cat rushes? Yes, yes, many people called mice empathy, and their pointed muzzles with shining eyes, framed by touching antennae – tenderness.

And decorative rodents quickly adapt to any conditions, unpretentious in their content, do not require a lot of space, they have colors for every taste and are extremely funny. But they only live short (about 3 years) and love to run and bump around at night. The wool of a toothy beauty can be standard (as in wild mice), long and even curly. A color is monophonic (white, black, blue, red – for every taste), “tan” (red specks on the main background) and “fox” (white spots).

And there are also motley mice: these small animals have red, black or gray small specks on a white background. The mottled little girl looks like she was sprayed with paint. There are even Siamese and completely naked mice! So, if you decide to get a devotional rodent, then you will definitely find the animal to your liking.

Indefatigable scientists even deduced “dancing mice”, which, due to disruption of the pituitary and vestibular apparatus, constantly rotate in place and move in zigzags. A “singing mouse,” derived more than 300 years ago in China, make sounds that resemble the singing of a cricket.