Newborn squirrel

In the year, squirrels bring two litters. 35-38 days are nurtured and give birth to 3-10 naked and blind baby squirrels. After 2 weeks, the coat appears, and the eyes open after a month after birth. 1.5 months are fed by mother’s milk. By 2.5 months, the kids leave the parent’s nest and become sexually mature by the year. The next brood is about 3.5 months later.

Home squirrels in recent times is not uncommon. They are bought at pet stores. But often small squirrels find fallen out of hollows and leave to live at home. Everyone who decided to have this animal should remember that it is an emotional animal and is subject to stress. In such situations, the squirrel can get sick.

For the home squirrel, you need to build a small enclosure or put it in a cage. But periodically it is necessary to let her run around the apartment without leaving her unattended.

This is a fairly independent animal, which at home does not quickly get used to a person. It takes a long time for the squirrel to give at least a simple pat.

Squirrel prefers vegetable food in the form of nuts, seeds, mushrooms, berries. But she also likes eggs, frogs and insects. The mushroom animal collects a lot, stringing them on a branch next to the hollow.