Newts – information

The well-known fact is that biologists around the world were interested in the property of newts for quick regeneration. Moreover, in these amphibians not only the skin covers are restored with surprising speed, but also other organs. Tritons are very unpretentious creatures, and they can be freely maintained at home, the main thing is that they have an aquarium where to turn around.

There are about 10 species of newts, but their habitat is large enough. They can be found both in Asian countries and in Europe. In the near latitudes of the national space, newts tend to fall into a hibernation, after which they almost immediately begin a mating season. In newts, the female fertilizes eggs.

The male only delivers the necessary material, on which his mission is considered complete. The children appear on the 20th day. The number of them varies from 100 to 350, but, unfortunately, not all survive. Small larvae can eat fish, other amphibians and even the parents themselves.

The amphibian diet is simple, it consists of small insects, worms, various small fish, shellfish and other. At home, the newt will gladly eat pieces of fresh liver, bloodworm and avian beetles. The average life expectancy of newts is 15-18 years, but with good care they Can live up to 25-30 years.