Ocelots – information

Unlike most small felines, ocelots live predominantly in pairs. Now there are no more than 100 ocelots in the USA. Graceful wild cat, which lives in the territory of Panama, Bolivia, Brazil and America. Its name is a delightful animal received from the Indians, who are trying to tame the little ocelots.

Ocelot is famous for its yellowish orange with black spots of fur. And it is worthy of competition to leopard and jaguar. The eyes of the ocelot are adapted to hunting at night. Like a silent shadow, he creeps up to the prey, which overtakes one jump.

Despite the fact that it perfectly climbs trees and ideally feels in the water, a wild cat prefers a land-based kind of hunting. Hunting is thought out to the last detail. A whole strategy of behavior is being developed in her head. Ocelot extraction can be a bird, monkey, snake and small mammals. The ability to night hunting helps the cat when abducting domestic animals from the Indians of Panama, for which the latter “do not favor”.

The wild cat protects its habitat jealously, not allowing its enemies on it. For his possession ocelot will fight desperately, even to death. He prefers solitude. Especially in the summer heat, he likes to enjoy solitude in the chic greenery on the trees. The ocelot can share the territory with its relatives, but for a relatively short time.

The ocelot becomes an independent at the age of two. And it goes to the warpath. He needs to find a free territory, or to defeat it from a weaker opponent.

Enemies of Ocelot

  • A great danger lies in the ocelot from the side of the jaguar and the lynx. They are more powerful members of the cat family.
  • Man is the most dangerous enemy of a wild cat. Because of the valuable fur, he destroys the beautiful animal. Laws have been passed prohibiting the hunting of an ocelot. This animal is listed in the Red Book.

Ocelot is for the Aztecs as a mystical symbol and personifies nobility and generosity.