Okapi – information

OkapiĀ  dwells only in the region of the Congo basin, where he has been known for a long time from pygmies from the forests of Ituri. However, the rest of the world learned about the existence of “outlandish horse” only in 1890, when the traveler Henry Stanley visited the Congo River area.

Appearance of this rare animal will cause astonishment. A fairly strong body weighing up to 250 kg, legs, painted like a zebra, chocolate-colored skin, shimmering in the sun with a cherry tint. The light muzzle of the males is decorated with horns, although the ladies-okapi can not boast of such decoration. The growth of the forest giraffe is small, its height does not exceed 160 cm.

Forest giraffe okapi – owner of a very long purple tongue (35-40 cm), which can reach to the ears. It is to them that the animal compensates for its insignificant growth, skilfully tearing off the juicy leaves from the trees with the tongue. Sometimes giraffes pamper themselves with mushrooms, fruits, less often eat grass.

This animal is rather shy and prefers to spend time alone. Couples are created only for the time of pairing. In this case, the female is often accompanied by a cub from the past litter. However, the gentleman, the smaller in size of his chosen one, does not feel any jealousy and aggression towards the cub.

Surprisingly, the future mother bore her child 450 days. After a birth the kid is very much adhered to mum, they talk each other a silent cough. Sometimes the baby is like a calf moaning with a small whistle.

Okapi is very difficult to adapt to other climatic conditions, rare zoos boast such an exotic specimen. The exact number of this species in nature is unknown. However, given the deforestation in their habitat, it is logical to assume that these beautiful animals are getting smaller every year.