Panda scientific name

Panda scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Panda, she is a bamboo bear, is a representative of the mammals of the family of raccoons. The only species of the genus. In appearance it looks very much like a bear, but from a real bear it is distinguished by a different structure of teeth and a comparatively long tail.

This bear-like animal for a long time was considered a “huge raccoon”, thanks to the common anatomical features with a small panda, which the raccoon was considered unconditionally. But ordinary peasants of China, long ago called it a “polar bear” or “bamboo bear”, which turned out to be closer to the truth, in which systematic scientists had not understood for a long time.

Pandas live in dense thickets of China’s bamboo forests, the islands of Kalimantan and Indonesia, which for these rare animals are both a shelter and a main source of food. To fully saturate the adult organism of the “bamboo bear”, about eighteen kilograms of young shoots and juicy bamboo stems, which the animal grinds with its jaws, are required during the day.

This type of food is very low in nutrition, as a result, the whole time of wakefulness, which is from ten to twelve hours, the animal has to chew. In addition, carrion, small animals and birds, which the bear attends very seldom, can serve as food.